What To Expect

What to Expect When I Come

When you come to Central Baptist Church, you can expect an exciting, safe, and fun learning environment for your children. Our children’s caretakers are carefully screened and have a love for children and teaching about the Lord.

Our worship time includes a wide variety of music designed to help everyone in the family connect and engage.  Our worship team helps us express our desire to bless the Lord with song and Scripture.  Our exciting vocal teams, talented instrumental groups and expert tech crews help direct our focus and worship to the Lord.

From our pastor, you will hear preaching directly from the Bible. Each sermon will explain a passage of Scripture in its original context and apply the biblical truths to your every-day life. You can expect to learn more about the Bible, how to know God, and how to grow as a Christian. 

Come dressed comfortably and appropriately. Our members come wearing everything from jeans and a t-shirt to “business casual” attire. We are more concerned about your heart and your needs than we are about your clothing. So dress casually and modestly, and you’ll fit right in.

A member of our First Look Team will meet you at the door with a smile, ready to answer your questions and help you find where you need to go. Just look for the friendly people wearing name tags that say, “Ask Me!”


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