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Staff: John Armitage

John Armitage

Music and Worship

John is quite the musician. He holds a Bachelor of Music from Stephen F. Austin University and a Master of Arts in Worship Studies from Liberty University. Prior to entering church work full-time, he was a high school band director, but he has been leading God’s people in worship since 2003. He’s been doing so at Central since December 2014.

John is also somewhat of a science fiction and super hero fan. When asked about his favorite movie, he said, “May the force be with you.” He then added, “If you don’t know this quote, we probably can’t be friends.” Of course, we all know that’s from Star Trek. Just kidding, John! You also might not want to suggest that Marvel and DC comics are all the same. It’s rumored someone once tried that, and John is still recovering.

In his free time, John likes to dabble in things that are anything but free. He likes to fish and golf and buy more guitar stuff (we wonder what wife Angela thinks about those hobbies). If John weren’t serving the church full-time, he would aspire to be a professional fisherman or a musician in a symphonic/pops orchestra. Wait . . . you can get paid to fish? Anyway, he says he doesn’t care much for fish that won’t bite what he’s offering.

Like most musicians, John is a pretty confident guy. He has to be. But he does have one fear: Alarms before 8:00 a.m. That explains why he and Tom get along so well, but we have to wonder if he has figured out that the pastor is a morning person. He probably doesn’t appreciate Mike whistling happy tunes in the office all morning.

John’s favorite thing about Central is “the vast amount of talent in the worship ministry.” We do have some pretty amazing talent here, and John knows how to bring them all together for something quite special.

The love of John’s life is Angela, and their only daughter is sweet Jenna who is pretty smart and talented herself. Don’t tell John you know this, but Jenna is known for outfishing her dad on occasion.

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