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Staff: Hannah McKeown

Hannah McKeown

Preschool and Children

Hannah is the newest member of our staff, having come here in January of 2017. She’s originally from Tyler, and her dad is a full-time minister, so she knew what she was getting herself into. Hannah graduated from University of Texas at Tyler with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and she is currently working on a Masters degree in children’s ministry at Dallas Baptist University.

Kids absolutely love Hannah (which is a good thing for a children’s minister)! We’re pretty sure the reason they love her so much is because she likes to play as much as they do. She’s kind of a big kid herself. Even more important, though, is that she really loves kids. We think kids can tell who genuinely loves them, which is why they took to her so quickly.

Hannah also loves traveling and learning about new cultures. Maybe that’s why she has such a heart for missions. In fact, we had a hard time convincing Hannah to meet with us before she came here. We guess she thought that doing ministry in London made it too difficult to come by for a visit. Hannah even said that if she weren’t serving in her current position, she would probably be a foreign missionary . . . or a marine biologist. We still haven’t figured that last one out yet.

If Hannah could plan a fun night on the town, she would have dinner with Julie Andrews at Panera Bread. Oh, and she would make sure that none of the different foods on her plate would be touching. That really bothers her. We wonder what Julie Andrews would think of that, because we all think it’s kind of weird.

Hannah might be young and new to full-time church work, but we sure think a lot of her. She has stepped into her role here at Central with excitement and a lot of great plans to take the children’s ministry to new levels. She says she loves how much people are willing to get involved in ministry at Central and how they serve the Lord with all their hearts. And we love her and the fresh leadership she brings. We plan to keep her around for a long time!

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