Jackie Sessions

Singles Ministry and Community Ministry

Jackie is a Jacksonville native who joined Central as a member in March of 1998. She joined the staff here a year later. She is a graduate of Jacksonville High School, Lon Morris College (Associate of Arts), and Stephen F. Austin State University (Bachelor of Science in Home Economics with a minor in Business). She has a good head on her shoulders!

Everybody loves Jackie! How could we not? Her favorite passage of Scripture is Colossians 3:12-17, which talks about patience, love, peace, and gratitude—attributes she lives out on a daily basis. In fact, she says that her favorite thing about Central is “the unconditional love” she feels from all the people she serves Jesus with. Even her hobbies are sweet: sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, and playing with her grandchildren.

She also like hanging out with the singles for game nights. But if she were to have her pick of a fun evening, she’d be eating Camarones a la Diabla at La Fonda del Sol with Barbara Streisand. Now that’s an interesting combination! If possible, she would also probably invite Tom Selleck and former classmate-turned Hollywood star, Margo Martindale, since they are two of her favorites. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy an evening like that!

Like we said, Jackie loves people. But she doesn’t love everything. She is not a fan of bad hair days, cars that won’t start, and children that don’t mind. And she absolutely detests snakes. When asked about her fears, she responds, “A zombie apocalypse would probably freak me out.” We think you’re ok on that front, Jackie, but we make no promises about snakes.

It’s a good thing Jackie has lots of love to go around, because she has lots of people to love. Jackie and her husband Charles have 6 kids and 10 grandkids. We can only imagine that there is never a dull moment around that crew.

Email Jackie at Jackie@cbcjax.net