Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of church is Central?
We are a conservative evangelical church affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist Convention.

What can I expect on my first visit?
From our pastor, you will hear preaching directly from the Bible. Each sermon will explain a passage of Scripture in its original context and apply the biblical truths to your every-day life. You can expect to learn more about the Bible, how to know God, and how to grow as a Christian.

You will find an exciting, safe, and fun learning environment for your children.

You will experience dynamic music from our worship team.  Our music includes a wide variety of styles and is designed to help everyone in the family connect and engage.

What should I wear?
Wear what you feel is comfortable and appropriate. Some people wear jeans and a t-shirt, while others come in “business casual” attire. We are more concerned about your heart and your needs than we are about your clothing. So dress casually and modestly, and you’ll fit right in.

Who can become of a member of Central Baptist Church?
Any person who has professed Jesus Christ as their Savior and has undergone baptism by immersion is welcome to join Central. There are several ways to join regardless of who you are or from where you have come.

If you are not yet a believer in Jesus Christ, you may join by faith. This means you recognize your sinfulness and repent from the sins you have committed, trusting in the forgiveness offered only by the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, following the example of Jesus, be baptized as your public profession of your faith.

If you belong to another Baptist church, you may come by letter. This simply means transferring your membership from one Baptist church to another. We will contact your previous church and notify them of your desire to transfer membership.

If records of your membership in a Baptist church are unavailable or if you were still considered a member of a Baptist church and are now coming from a different denomination, you may join by statement of faith.

If you are coming from a church in another denomination and have already professed Jesus Christ as Savior but have not been baptized by immersion, you may join by baptism.

To join Central, please come forward at the end of the service to one of the ministers and express your wishes to become a member, ask for prayer, or seek spiritual guidance. We welcome your desire to find faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Where do I take my children?
From birth through fifth grade, you will discover first-class programs for your children that fuse together learning and care with fun. Our Preschool Ministry offers trained teachers, a secure environment, and programming specific to each life stage of a preschooler. The preschool hall is located on the back western side of our campus.
First through fifth graders will find the vibrant Children’s Ministry a place to meet friends and encounter Jesus. Our Children’s Church on Sunday mornings is led by loving and creative teachers.