DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

DC4K is a special group to help your children heal from the pain caused by a separation or divorce. DC4K provides your children with a safe and neutral place to recognize and learn to share their feelings.

For 13 weeks your children become involved in a fun, caring group with weekly session topics that help them learn that God’s love strengthens them and helps them turn their sadness to hope and their anger to joy. DC4K follows the same schedule and age-appropriate content themes as the adult DivorceCare program, allowing parents and children to progress through the healing process together.

We combine games, crafts, activities, music, and videos to create a fun atmosphere where children feel comfortable and accepted. DC4K is a powerful ministry tool designed for children ages 5-12 (kindergarten through 6th grade).

DC4K is nondenominational and features biblical teaching to help children recover from the hurt of separation and divorce.


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