Ministries: Discipleship


The church has been given a command from Scripture to make disciples.  Central Baptist Church has identified 3 ways that we can accomplish this mission: Discover, Develop, and Deploy.  Once someone has joined Central, the goal is to Develop (spiritual growth) and Deploy (mission).  Central University is a program that is designed to maximize a believer’s ability by utilizing courses designed to aid them in their walk with Christ.  By properly resourcing believers, the body of Christ will be sufficiently prepared to Deploy into a world of darkness.  As the body of Christ engages the lost with the gospel, God will be faithful to save (Discover).  Courses will be available at the different levels and successful completion of each course count toward a certificate level.  The completion of certificate levels by church members will ensure measurable data is available to determine whether the goals of Discovering, Developing and Deploying believers has been accomplished.  Courses at various levels will be available each semester to assist members at every stage of their spiritual growth.


Central University Discipleship Plan


Cornelius Level I:

Complete 3 courses from level 1 plus New Member Orientation/Complete 4 courses from level 1


*New Member Orientation: Discover Central

Explaining Christianity

*Old Testament

Meeting with God

*New Testament

How to Study the Bible

Spiritual Disciplines

Experiencing God


Timothy Level II Certificate: 

Complete level 1+2 courses from Level II or Complete 5 courses from level II


Biblical Parenting – Grace Based Parenting


Biblical Marriage

Men’s Studies

Biblical Finances – Dave Ramsey

Women’s Studies

Christians in the Workplace

Singleness and Courtship



Priscilla/Aquila III Certificate: 

Level II certificate + 3 courses from level III



Church History

Missions – 1 mission trip will replace this course

Evangelism – attendance at 6 sessions of Visitation will replace this course

Worship Ministries Class – John Armitage

Beliefs of Other Kinds




Barnabas Level IV: 

Level III certificate + 3 courses from Level IV



Systematic Theology

Book Studies

Church History

Biblical Theology


Doctrinal Studies – Christology, Attributes of God, Ecclesiology, Soteriology


Paul Master Level V: 

Level IV certificate + 6 additional level IV courses or Level IV certificate + *teach 3 course from Levels I, II, III, or IV, **Teach 10 courses



* required courses

**teachers will be selected by staff